Local action on Covid-19

About us

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak and the advice to self-isolate if vulnerable, ill or exposed to someone who is, the local community has come together to do what it can to provide support for its residents during this challenging period. We doing this through a group called the “West Chiltington and Nutbourne Action Group” or WCANAG. This is part of the national call for volunteers and we are just one of hundreds of similar groups across the country.

What we do

We provide a ‘pipeline’ between volunteers, community organisations, local businesses and vulnerable residents. Our prime focus is to help the elderly and vulnerable groups that may be facing long-term isolation, especially those that do not have internet access, but we also provide services for NHS emergency workers and others in the front line dealing with the coronavirus. We offer a delivery service for food and urgent supplies including pet food. We have arranged for local businesses to take orders and payment directly by phone and we assist with the daily deliveries. We have a dedicated phone line and are looking to provide support in all ways possible to those who are self-isolating or in need of a friendly chat. For those with more serious problems, we can refer them on to a wide range of professional services within the NHS and Social Services and elsewhere.

We did a leaflet drop in March to some 1700 homes in the village and have already attracted 100 volunteers. Within just 14 days of the launch of our helpline we have assisted or made contact with over 130 residents. You can read the leaflet here.

How to volunteer

If you would like to join the team, just call one of the phone numbers on the home page, or send an email to . You will be able to discuss which of our activities appeal to you and decide how much time you would like to commit. We are a friendly bunch and we would love to have you join us.

Other ways to help our work

We are always on the lookout for people who might benefit from our help so if you know of anyone who is struggling or who might welcome some support, do let us know.

Similarly, if you know of other work being done locally, we would be happy to provide a link to them on our website, which will make it easier for them to be found online.

Financial support

Of course, there is always a need for money to run an operation such as ours. We need to fund the dedicated phone line, pay subscription costs for software, advertise our services and to purchase essential equipment to protect our volunteers.

A fund raising page has been set up with Crowdfunder which will allow you to make donations. Unfortunately, we are not a registered charity, so we are unable to benefit from tax exemptions. Our finances are regularly checked by Horsham District Council.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a direct donation for a specific purpose, please contact us and we can discuss the possibilities.