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Befriending chatline – update

Good Afternoon Befrienders!!

As promised, I will try to report back once a week on how the befriending chatline is going, try to address concerns and share ideas.  The first table highlights some of the key issues and how we are trying to address them.  The second table is a summary of the group results.  Please keep sharing your ideas and concerns.  We can learn a lot from each other.

I will be in touch with any new residents requiring a call very soon.  Please let me know if your group becomes too large.  We can draft in more help.

Thank you all for a wonderful service.  Residents have already reported back to Horsham District Council on how grateful they are for the existence of our HUB service.  A care assessment set in motion this week by a befriender has safeguarded a very vulnerably lady in her 90’s.

Together with book and DVD lists, mentioned below, please find attached a safer shopping guide issued by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health which may be of interest.

All the best


IssueSuggested Solution
Anxiety and Mental Health issuesIf you come across individuals that are not coping or may need some support, here are some of the services that may be able to support Mental Health – For a mental health issue that is not an emergency (for example, an immediate risk to life) please ask the individual to contact their GP who, in the first instance, is best placed to appropriately signpost to the right support.    West Sussex MIND are offering additional online support: West Sussex MINDPlease speak to me if you have any concerns. Together we can speak to our HDC Liaison Officer or the Covid-19 Response Team
Health issues and concerns  If concerned that an individual is unable to meet their own needs for care, please ask them, or their family, to request a care assessment:Email: Phone: 01243 642121Please speak to me if you have any concerns. Together we speak to our HDC Liaison Officer or the Covid-19 Response Team.  This has already been used successfully. For any adult safeguarding concerns please see: https://www.westsussex.gov.uk/social-care-and-health/social-care-support/adults/contact-us-for-adult-social-care-support/ For children’s safeguarding concerns please see: https://www.westsussex.gov.uk/social-care-and-health/social-care-support/children/contact-us-for-childrens-social-care-support/ 
Would like access to books and DVDs  A Book and DVD library has now been set up and lists are attached.  Please note they can be obtained via the phoneline and delivery service 
Larger supermarkets shop required Needs are currently being addressed on an individual basis via volunteers.  If you need assistance with such requests, please let me know and we can work something out.  I have made enquiries into getting a Sainsbury’s super delivery to the village Hall Car park once a week for multiple use.  It is not a NO yet but obviously a big ask. No promises but watch this space! 

Summary of Befriending Chatline Service

This weekCarried forward
Contact made week commencing 10th April 2020 and:
Regular call requested8585
Regular call declined22
Contact still to be made77
New additions to database – team leaders to be notified1212
On database – but enquiry only / incomplete records21
 Total on database as at 16th April 2020147
Natalie Wettler: Sub group residents association2424
 Total no: of residents receiving assistance171
 Total to be contacted week commencing 17th April 2020128

Sue Kowszun

West Chiltington & Nutbourne Action Group

Attached files

Safer Shopping guide 1

Book List

DVD List