Local action on Covid-19

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Befriending Service Takes Off

So many residents are going through some very tough and challenging times and they are enormously grateful for the positive spirit all members of the befriending team are showing.  We will get through this unprecedented period and I applaud the remarkable way our community has responded to this unparalleled situation.  Please find below a summary […]

Befriending chatline – update

Good Afternoon Befrienders!! As promised, I will try to report back once a week on how the befriending chatline is going, try to address concerns and share ideas.  The first table highlights some of the key issues and how we are trying to address them.  The second table is a summary of the group results.  […]

Our first week in action

Dear Volunteers What a month its been!  Since a small group looked to set up the action group to help self-isolating residents during the lockdown, the growth and pace of change has been a complete roller-coaster.   As of today: We have had a truly amazing response from our community with around 100 volunteers helping […]